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Charlotte Merton


Dictated Translation


A Unique Service for Pressurised Clients



You have a speech to give. There is a report deadline looming. Your press release needs to be ready by lunchtime. And it has to be in English. Bypass the delays of even the fastest traditional translation service, and have your work translated for you on the spot.


Consider your choices. If you were to write a text in Swedish and send it to a translation bureau, even the fastest service measures the turn-around time in hours and even days. Instead, you can call in Charlotte Merton and the translation is ready immediately.



Anywhere you can work, I can work. I come to you, armed with all the necessary equipment. I can take dictated translation pretty much anywhere, as long as the ambient noise is not too excessive. My office in Lund is also at your disposal, where in fine weather we can work in the garden if you wish.



You dictate in Swedish and I take it down as English on the spot. You can add and delete as you go, express yourself by waving your hands about as much as you like, and generally work in the style that suits you best. When you have finished dictating, you will have an English text in your hand within minutes.



Although in theory there is no limit to what you can achieve with dictated translation, it lends itself particularly to short and medium-length texts such as letters, presentations, reports, and speeches.


I am also pleased to offer dictated translation for groups. For example, I can offer assistance with minute-taking at meetings, and with brainstorming sessions and group reports.



The dictated-translation service I offer is the only one of its kind in Sweden, and has few equivalents elsewhere. Much of this is to do with the nature of translators, generally a shy breed who prefer working at home in bedroom slippers to putting their linguistic and secretarial skills on immediate display.


Dictated-translation should not be confused with interpreting, where speech is rendered as speech, and not as the written word.



Please feel free contact me to discuss your requirements, and for a no-obligation quote.